‪‪Game of Thrones: Season 8‬‬

As we all know that the last season have arrived and everyone is thrilled to watch it! With this new episode new doubts are getting formed.

Is cersei dead?

Cersei Lannister, one of the great TV villains of the modern era, was many things. She was a schemer, a ruthless power monger, a political strategist, a grieving mother, and a sister whose relationships with her brothers were, uh, complicated to say the least.

And now Cersei’s dead. She died in the arms of her brother/lover Jaime as the supposedly sturdy Red Keep collapsed on top of them. Prior to her death she spent most of “The Bells” standing in one place and staring out the window while Daenerys gave live lessons in how to train your dragon to destroy an entire city. Then Qyburn showed up and was like, “Hey, you should probably get outta here since this place is going down faster than Kesha can yell timber,” and Cersei was like, “Nah, I’m good,” but eventually retreated to lower ground just in time for her brother — who really shouldn’t have been able to make it all the way back to her, considering that he was bleeding out from stab wounds — to show up for their untimely incestuous demise. It was an extremely passive death for a woman who has always been extremely aggressive in her approach to, well, everything.